Swedish text.



This is a short presentation of softwares (PC, Android) and pdf-documents made by Jan Lindström.


Excluding Pdf-files, are now the files to be downloaded from here, hosted at Koofr.net  (see links below). When you click on a link, will a list of files appear. Mark in front of one  (or more), and hit the Download-button.


The programs  are free to use, if you follow their simple licenses.



PC-programmes exist for now in these versions:
*Linux 32/64
*Windows 32

64-bits for Windows may be added later (some change in the code necessary). The Windows-versions can be run on other platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD and Solaris), with the help of Wine.

Linux-distros comes in numbers. Some 64-s do not include the option to run 32-bits programs. At least not without more packages downloaded. The Linux-files here includes always both versions. They are built and
tested with Debian and Ubuntu.

Distribution exists as compressed zip- or tar.gz archives. The softwares need no installation, and have small demands on the systems. They use portable built-in graphics and rendering of text. Linux-variants depends only on the X Window System (usually called Xlib, X11 eller bara X).



Some programs exists also as  Android-apps. For now are they not published (uploaded to a market). Be absolute certain of what this means. You can without problem find information about sideloading, unknown sources and independent app stores, on the net.  From Android 8.0 is it possible to install single apps with sideloading, in a better way. If you lack the proper knowledge, and/or trust  to these apps, use the PC-versions instead (if possible).

The apps have no possession to the rest of your system. They will not connect to the internet. Should work with Android >=4.1.


Metal spinning history technique equipment

afTRYCK version 2.1

Metal spinning can be seen as an spectacular, hard-learned, and quite old technique, this to form a round sheet of metal. afTRYCK is a software that describes it.  Read more HERE.


This version has has updated text, plus some extentions. One of them are a new animation. A version for Android will arrive later.


Then choose:

*afT21_Lin.tar.gz for Linux

*afT21_Win.zip for Windows


Metal Spinning lathe 3d trycksvarv

3DSVARV version 2.01

Image-based application that takes a turn around a metal spinning lathe, this in a 3d enviroment. Can be seen as a complement to afTRYCK. Text  included, are in both English, and Swedish.


Then choose:

*3dSvarv201_Lin.tar.gz for Linux

*3dSvarv201_Win.zip for Windows

*3DSVARV_2b.apk for Android (Note! carefully read the section about Android above)



Hultaby castle Vetlanda Sweden 3D

HULTABY version 2.1

Hultaby gives you in 3D, Hultaby castle (or maybe more accurate, residence), in my view of its 14th century apperance. Today it´s a ruin, just outside the city Vetlanda, Sweden. Read more HERE. The software exists for Linux, Windows and Android.  This version includes updated graphics.


Then choose:

*Hultaby21+_Lin.tar.gz for Linux

*Hultaby21+_Win.zip for Windows

*Hultaby2.1+.apk for Android (Note! carefully read the section about Android above)



A software that make a presentation to an autogiro model Cierva C30. This with 2D- and 3D-images, and text both in English and Swedish. Read more HERE.  It can be downloaded for PC (Linux, Windows), and for Android.


Then choose:

*Se-Aea_Lin+.tar.gz for Linux

*Se-Aea_Win+.zip for Windows

*Se-Aea.apk for Android (Note! carefully read the section about Android above)


Swedish pewter marks


Describes the history behind the Swedish system with pewtermarks. Also included are a list of yesterdays masters, from the authors province (Småland). Exist also in a version with Swedish text.


MandM.pdf (English text)

MochM.pdf (Swedish text)