This is an PDF file including 3D-images of an house located at the square in Vetlanda (Småland, Sweden). This as it was in the years around 1900. Can be downloaded HERE.


The image used as a template for this 3D-model, may be from June 11th 1902. Place being a market day in Vetlanda (then Hvetlanda), Småland, Sweden. Photographer likely Nanny Ekström. However there is another photo, from a slightly different angle, where the then living had moved. But also clear is that it has been taken the same day. Dating is now to be 1896. Nanny came from Oskarshamn in 1895. Working as an assistant first, as her own from 1902. In a third photo can we see a snowy Vetlanda square during winter. The house of our interest has been extended, got a fancier painted facing, and a balcony in the corner. The Söderkvists flour store and the dyer-works Winell is now gone, the hardware store Jernboden has expanded. All obviously later, but dated to around 1900. This makes dating the images somewhat uncertain.

Gustaf Adolf Wictorin (1860-1905), didn't live long after these photos were taken. Claes August Winell (1829-1927), survived almost a century. This 3D-images show only the face towards the square. One in 30° angle from above, and one at ground level. The building goes round the right corner. The house appearance in about 1900, beats without any competition, how it looks today.

Swedish pewtermarks


Describes the history behind the Swedish system with pewtermarks. Also included are a list of yesterdays masters, from the authors province (Småland). Exist also in a version with Swedish text.


MandM.pdf (English text)

MochM.pdf (Swedish text)




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